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Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger

on September 19th, 2017 by admin

We all remember the day when US Airways flight 1549 landed on the Hudson River on January 15, 2009.  That was not a good time for me or for the whole country.  I had just been laid off from my banking job, and was very fearful of the future.  This was at the height of the financial crisis.  We had the awful spectacle of the mass Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff.  It seemed the country was falling into a morass of incompetency, irresponsibility, and recklessness.  Then the news about this incredible flight; not a single passenger died.  I was in awe.

I finally got a chance to read Captain Sullenberger’s autobiography, and it did not disappoint.  What prompted me to finally buy the book was the Clint Eastwood directed movie Sully came out last year.  It was excellent and I highly recommend it.  With his autobiography, the captain gives us a look into his life and the types of decisions he made professionally and personally that prepared him for that incredible flight.  He also discusses the problems in the airline industry and how he navigated through those myriad of issues.  Yet, he always maintained his professionalism, continually improving himself, and giving 100% of himself.  Not only does the captain show what it takes to be successful through hard work, dedication, and persevering through obstacles.  He does this with integrity by never compromising who he is as a pilot, husband and father.

This book uplifted me tremendously.  Reading this book makes me want to continue to strive for my goals.  Captain Sullenberger concretizes to me what a person who values looks like.  This is a perfect book for high school students and college graduates.  I would encourage everyone to read this for inspiration.

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